Falling leaves Onesie

There is no better way to celebrate weekend and public holiday than packing a picnic and catching up with family. For me, the best picnic spot for my family is at Tanjung Lipat Public Park ( it’s a beach actually..). Not as beautiful as other beaches maybe, but we really enjoy our quality time together. I really love the sand, kids playing around at the playground, people BBQ-ing and most of all i love the falling leaves from the tree. The sight and sounds of falling leaves is so romantic.

So, i got inspired by the falling leaves and made this pattern. This is a free pattern and i hope you enjoy knit the pattern for your loved ones. You can download the free pattern here ———-> Falling Leaves Onesie

fall onesie 2

fall onesie 1

  fall onesie 4

Have a great day everyone! Do not hesitate to share your finished item from this pattern at my Facebook Page. XoXo, C.J Alice Jomes

7 thoughts on “Falling leaves Onesie

  1. Carol Dryden says:

    Hi Alice I’m attempting this gorgeous onesie but it’s not adding up. You say cast on 91 stitches but after the first row I was short 5 stitches (p15 pm p15 pm p5 pm p26 pm p5 pm p15 pm p15) equals 96 stitches. Pls advise cheers Carol

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