Me and the world of “Mengait”

In Malaysia, we called Knitting and Crochet as “mengait”. For a more detailed terms, we called Knitting as ”jarum mengait dua” and Crochet as “jarum mengait satu”. Actually, Knitting and Crochet is not a cultural tradition for Malaysian but a culture brought in by outsiders. But who responsible to brought in the culture, when and where it starts unknown. So this was a story from my aunt, she used to be a knitter. Back in her day, she learned to knit with a lady from Japan.They lived together in Mamut Cooper Mining, Ranau. And by that time, they use flat needle to knit. Although they speak different languages, but it did not stop my aunt to learn knitting. And my “mengait” world started in 2011 at my 4th pregnancy. I learned to Crochet first then learned to Knitting few months later. I learn a lot from tutorial video at Youtube and also video tutorial from . Then i realise that knitting is kinda my thing. This Knitting activity is very interesting, exciting and cause addiction. Among all types of knitting, my favourite is knitwear for baby. Like some Knitters, i also addicted to collect yarns. For me, mixed cotton or cotton blended yarn from Turkey like Alize, Ice yarns and Kartopu are the best. Well, i think that is enough for my “mengait” world for today.

Thanks for hoping by! CJJ. Alice

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