Sugar-apple Scarf

Few months ago, i received a lot of private message from friends and some are my students via Facebook; requesting for a simple and easy yet lacy scarf pattern. Since designing knitting pattern is not my only profession and i had been busy to finished the 11 kg of custom order for Breast milk Soap lately. But yay.. here is the free pattern —> Sugar-apple Lace Scarf. This pattern is an ideal first lace project for beginners, straight forward, easy to follow and available in diagram chart too.


Sugar-apple Lace Scarf is inspired by nature, the sugar-apple fruit or mostly known as buah Nona in my country. If you have any trouble or question to make this scarf, kindly e-mail me at or you can private message me via Facebook Page. I hope you enjoy the free knitting pattern and happy knitting!


   official sugarapple

Love from Borneo,

Alice ❤

Falling leaves Onesie

There is no better way to celebrate weekend and public holiday than packing a picnic and catching up with family. For me, the best picnic spot for my family is at Tanjung Lipat Public Park ( it’s a beach actually..). Not as beautiful as other beaches maybe, but we really enjoy our quality time together. I really love the sand, kids playing around at the playground, people BBQ-ing and most of all i love the falling leaves from the tree. The sight and sounds of falling leaves is so romantic.

So, i got inspired by the falling leaves and made this pattern. This is a free pattern and i hope you enjoy knit the pattern for your loved ones. You can download the free pattern here ———-> Falling Leaves Onesie

fall onesie 2

fall onesie 1

  fall onesie 4

Have a great day everyone! Do not hesitate to share your finished item from this pattern at my Facebook Page. XoXo, C.J Alice Jomes

The 100pcs Challenge

After moving to our new house, i can say that i’m barely can do my knitting stuff as before. But i still make time (yeah..i push myself..) to my current project for this year, it’s The 100pcs Challenge.

At this time, i already made 10 projects, which are dresses, sweaters, cardigans, onesies and tunics, still a long way to go.. right. 😛

ok, this was my knitting project a week ago. Super easy peasy cable sweater pattern by Christy Hills. The pattern is very easy to follow, very clear instructions and suitable for beginner too. You can have the paid pattern at –> .

And for sure, i’m going give this sweater as a gift for a new family member. Soon will be delivered in July. I hope that it’s a baby princess. 🙂

seamless braided

Me and the world of “Mengait”

In Malaysia, we called Knitting and Crochet as “mengait”. For a more detailed terms, we called Knitting as ”jarum mengait dua” and Crochet as “jarum mengait satu”. Actually, Knitting and Crochet is not a cultural tradition for Malaysian but a culture brought in by outsiders. But who responsible to brought in the culture, when and where it starts unknown. So this was a story from my aunt, she used to be a knitter. Back in her day, she learned to knit with a lady from Japan.They lived together in Mamut Cooper Mining, Ranau. And by that time, they use flat needle to knit. Although they speak different languages, but it did not stop my aunt to learn knitting. And my “mengait” world started in 2011 at my 4th pregnancy. I learned to Crochet first then learned to Knitting few months later. I learn a lot from tutorial video at Youtube and also video tutorial from . Then i realise that knitting is kinda my thing. This Knitting activity is very interesting, exciting and cause addiction. Among all types of knitting, my favourite is knitwear for baby. Like some Knitters, i also addicted to collect yarns. For me, mixed cotton or cotton blended yarn from Turkey like Alize, Ice yarns and Kartopu are the best. Well, i think that is enough for my “mengait” world for today.

Thanks for hoping by! CJJ. Alice